Alberta Precision Laboratories - Test Directory Changes

When clinicians order laboratory tests, they sometimes search a “Test Directory” to find information about things like test approval requirements, requisitions, sample types and containers, special collection requirements, and shipping and handling needs.

When Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) was formed, it started bringing together multiple organizations (AHS, Calgary Lab Services, Public Health, Covenant and Lamont laboratories, etc) under common standards and terminologies. The new test catalogue is developed to serve as a single, provincial, source of truth for information related to the ordering, collection, shipping, handling and reporting of laboratory investigations.

Work is underway to develop a new interface to the APL Test Directory, with enhanced features and functionality. Completion is expected in late 2020. In the meantime an interim directory has been developed. This merges four legacy test directories into one database which will be searchable starting with Connect Care Wave 1 launch on November 3, 2019. Since multiple sources have been combined, users may see tests appear more than once in the interim directory. Work continues to align and amalgamate content.

Improvements will be made as directory continues to develop. Connect Care users will note that each orderable test includes a link to relevant information in the interim APL test directory. For more information: