Connect Care Results and Reports Routing

The Non-AHS Community Physician Advisory Group (NACPAG) has been busy working through anticipated Connect Care impacts on test results and reports routing to ordering providers.

Two communication aids emerge. The first, posted here, answers questions for prescribers who use a single Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in a single practice location; a relatively straightforward use-case. eDelivery of results and reports to the EMR is maintained. Indeed, it is improved in many ways. There are changes to identifiers added to laboratory requisitions which are important for physicians to prepare for. An "eDelivery Frequently Asked Questions" is linked below and will be sequentially posted to this blog.

A second FAQ will address more complicated information flows, such as those affecting physicians who work with more than one EMR, more than one practice location or a mix of EMR(s) and the Connect Care CIS. Coming soon.

For now, please promote this blog and widely circulate the FAQ: